That's what defines us...

The first and only pure snowboard school in the Sauerland winter sports arena. Not only are we guaranteed to get you on the board, we will also meet all your individual requirements. Our small group size enables us to teach you our favorite sport, snowboarding, very quickly and effectively. Our instructors are not only passionate snowboarders themselves, but also take care of all your personal requirements.

Close to our hearts...

beyond that...

we are a unique hardware offline store in our store we attach great importance to individual advice.

With us you won’t find “ONE” snowboard ...
you will find
“YOUR” snowboard, no matter what level or skill level you had, want or want to reach.

What makes us unique here…

is our extremely well-stocked board shelf.

We offer everything from small, hand-built custom boards to super individual niche products and the big players in our sport. We have 100% of what you REALLY need.
And the best thing about it
you convince yourself, because hey…
test drive it.
After a very professional consultation with us, you can test your board for your requirements and preferences and find out for yourself whether it is THE right snowboard for you.i

In our range you will also find boots (adapted: please bring time…), bindings, gloves, goggles, protectors and much more. Cool goodies that are not always available everywhere.

Services such as waxing, edging and minor repairs are also available at any time. Talk to us.

And if it’s just a little chat about our favorite topic snowboarding, you need stickers, the new
you are always welcome.

"this is kind of a store... but actually more like my living room! The boards are the pictures, the boots are the flowers and you bring the coziness.
The conversation is important to ME; not the quick sale and then the next...
if you feel addressed come around and experience"

- Max Bechen -