Snowboard Courses

Whether you’re a total beginner or just dissatisfied on the rail, we have the right teacher and tips for every level! Your level will be discussed in detail when you make your booking, and you will be allocated to a suitable group. Should it turn out during lessons that your ability does not match the course level, or that it has improved considerably, you can change to a course at a different level. Our courses take place in all weathers.

Course times are from:

09.00 am – 11.00 am and from 11.30 am – 12.30 pm (Morning-Course)
13.00 pm – 15.00 pm and from 15.30 pm – 16.30 pm (Afternoon-Course)

You can take a lunch break in a nearby restaurant.

Beginner`s Course

Let’s start! Never stood on a board before? You will quickly experience your first success on the beginner’s course. You will learn all the basics you need for snowboarding on easy and moderately difficult pistes in small groups of no more than 7 participants. The practice pistes are chosen to facilitate optimum learning success. We recommend our “Oberfett Package” for beginners.

Course-Information: 1 Day (Taster-Course), 2 Days, 3 Days (recommended!)
Requirement:  No prior knowledge necessary!

Course Content: 
» consecutive swings
» gliding and lifting
» fun!!!


Follow-up Course / Advanced

Survival in steeper terrain? Fed up of just sliding down sidewise? Here we show you how to do it! For advanced courses, we ideally need about 3 people with approximately the same level of skill. Otherwise we recommend individual private lessons to ensure that you really make progress.

Course Information: on agreement
Requirements: none

Course Content: 
» improving your curving
» short swings
» snowboarding in steeper terrain
» basic carving

Technical and Freestyle Courses

Are you already very good and safe on your board, and do you just want to improve your technique? Whether in deep snow, on ice, rails or kickers. We supply the right teacher and you go for it together. Please book this course at least 7 days in advance so that we can reserve the right teacher for you. Maximum 2 persons!

Course Information: on agreement
Requirements: smooth curving on flat terrain, lifting

Course Content: 
» improving your technique
» analysis + advice
» lessons in our own funpark
» with optional video training

Children´s Courses

Fun, games and excitement on the board!
There is no minimum age for our courses, only a minimum height depending on the boards available. Our specially trained teachers make sure that kids can get their first taste of shredding at a young age. Our pedagogically trained snowboard teachers teach your kids on special children’s boards using teaching methods appropriate for children and look after them all day. Experience has shown that the smallest varmints (under 7) do best in private courses with no more than 2 kids per teacher, ideally with a parent present.

Course Information: 1 Day (Taster Course), 2 Days, 3 Days (recommended!)
Requirements: height of 1 m, ability to use the toilet unaided!

Course Content: 
» exercises taught using methods suited to children
» for children at least 1 metre in height
» pedagogically trained teachers
» Helmets can be borrowed free of charge

Guided Riding

Ab sofort bieten wir an den Wochenenden ein begleitetes Fahren für Kinder und Jugendliche an. Dabei wird einer unserer Snowboardlehrer mit einer Gruppe von maximal 10 Personen im Skigebiet fahren und dabei nützliche und hilfreiche Tipps zum Verbessern der Technik geben. Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme ist ein sicheres Fahren beider Kurven in zusammenhängenden Schwüngen, sowie die Fähigkeit alleine mit einem Schlepplift zu liften. Unser “Guided Riding” Programm ersetzt keinen Snowboardkurs, sondern bietet Eltern die Möglichkeit ihre Kinder unter fachgerechter Anleitung in einer Gruppe gleichgesinnter wohlaufgehoben zu wissen 🙂 Frei nach dem Motto “Eine Gruppe ist nur so stark wie ihr schwächstes Glied”, richtet sich die Gruppe in Sachen Fahrgeschwindkeit und Auswahl der Pisten immer nach den schwächsten Fahrern. Wer sich technisch noch nicht sicher fühlt, sollte sich also auch im Sinne der Gruppe erst für einen Privatkurs entscheiden.

Kursdaten: 3 St. täglich ab 09.00 Uhr, 3 St. täglich ab 13.00 Uhr, 6 St.täglich ab 09.00 Uhr
Voraussetzungen: 8 – 17 Jahre, sicheres Fahren beider Kurven, Liften, Gruppentauglichkeit

» Gemeinsames Fahren im Skigebiet
» Tipps und Ratschläge unerer Lehrer